Monday, December 13, 2010

Ideas for Publishing

Every now and then, I spot a deal that I'd love to share with those of you who have a disk waiting to be printed or who want some gift ideas. I know how expensive it can get, especially with larger images, so here are some steals that Groupon has going on currently:

Value- $30
Steal- $10
Savings- $20 (67%!)

Value- $127
Steal- from $45
Savings- $82 (65%)

Please note, we are not affiliated or asked to recommend Groupon or any of the cooperating companies. We simply love the past experiences we have had with Groupon and enjoy sharing good deals. If you are new to Groupon, we do get a referral perk but it's simply credit towards our next purchase (and certainly not the reason for this post).  Please be sure to look further into terms & conditions, as they do apply.